K9 adventures has had many happy customers over the years. Here are a few of our current dog pals, and what theirs owners had to say about us!

MAX, Leonard is the best! His customer service is second to none.  My dog enjoys his time on the private ranch and is always incredibly content after a day of exercise.  If you love your dog as much as I love mine, you should give K9 Adventures a try. You will be glad that you did! Jesse P. - Malibu, CA

SHERIFF, While on a recent trip to Southern California to pay a long overdue visit to friends of many years, I was made aware of the professional services of K9Adventures.  To say that my friends "raved" about the services extended to their pet dog 'Sheriff' would be an understatement!  The staff of K9Adventures extended extreme compassionate care to my friends pet, but also was very through in making my friends very much at ease and comfortable about leaving their precious "little one" in their care!  Even though I came to Southern California to visit friends, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would meet, through my friends, the staff of K9Adventures!  Their sensitivity, compassion, and genuine care for their clients, both human and of the four legged variety is to be commended!  If I lived in Southern California, they just might convince me to become a pet owner, and to take advantage of their excellent services! Chuck l. - Rochester, NY

BARNEY, Wow! I can't say enough great things about K-9 Adventures! I was visiting the Malibu area with my dog Barney. I wanted my dog to vacation with other pouches instead of leaving him in my hotel room alone! I called this company and Leonard comes out and agrees to take Barney out for the day and see if he will work with his group of dogs. I was  happily surprised the level of attention he received and how excited Barney was to go back the following day! He thoughtfully sent me photos to my e-mail upon my return home! THANK YOU Leonard I Barney will be visiting you again I my next trip to Malibu. Alyson S. - Palm Harbor, FL

JAI AND LACY, Leonard and Greg are incredible with dogs !  My 2 dogs  have completely changed since socializing with their group of dogs...They are so HAPPY and  not as possessive and protective of each other as they were before  joining this group. Its really amazing !!They run free and play with all the other dogs. Its been such a joy for all of us to watch my girls grow and play and have fun with other dogs. I couldn't be happier knowing my dogs are in responsible hands and getting the extra exercise and socializing they really need. Michelle k. - Malibu, CA

JASPER AND FRIDAY, We were introduced to K-9 Adventures by a HOWLING german short-haired pointer, who saw the van drive up in front of his house. At first I thought that something must be wrong with him, but it was his excitement to get in the van and GO! I took the contact information from the driver, called them immediately, and have never looked back! That was 4 years ago. Since then, our 2 Aussies can't get enough of it. They are good with people too! The K-9 staff has been courteous and eager to help whenever we have needed to change the routine in any way. We love them!! Alex T.

X-RAY & JAZZ, "The team at k-9 adventures are a great group who are reliable, friendly and responsible to my dogs needs. My older dog has been going out with them since they went into business, and continues still. He is allowed to do his own thing with his buddies. I look forward to the times they go out knowing they are getting good care and exercise." Anne Sacks

HILDE, "Hilde is a much happier, much healthier dog - thanks to k9 adventures. Exercise keeps her young too! Keep up the great job guys! PS: Hilde has had over 30 million hits on youtube!!! Check out Dog Functional for one of her videos." Hanala Stadner

BELLA, "I have been using k-9 Adventures for 7 years with total trust and the enthusiastic participation of my dogs. The socialization for my dogs has been invaluable. The young men in charge have been a pleasure to deal with, always caring and responsible. I am grateful." Anne Ramis